Latitude 32 Credit Union July 2021 Skip-A-Pay Program

Qualifications for Skip-A-Pay


  • Skip-A-Pay for the month of July
  • $36.00 fee per loan (paid before finalized)
  • May only skip one payment per year
  • Must have made at least (6) six payments on loan
  • Loans eligible for Skip-A-Pay
  • Auto loans
  • Recreational loans
  • Personal loans


Please print and complete the attached form, you may email, mail or deliver the form to the credit union.  Please call 843.556.4809 if you have any questions.


 Email: [email protected]

Fax: 843.556.2868

Maximize Your Spending With Our New Visa Rewards Card

Maximize Your Spending With Our New Visa Rewards Card 

Latitude 32 Credit Union is excited to share that we are offering a new rewards card providing benefits for qualified members, at a fixed rate! That’s right, you can get the best of both worlds, a low fixed rate card that also allows you to earn reward points in your everyday life like at the gas pump, your favorite stores, and subscriptions that help you unwind. 

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The Basics of Opening A Credit Union Account

Join A Credit Union Charleston South Carolina

Depending on your current life situation, there are a wide range of reasons that opening your first account with a credit union may make sense. 

  • Maybe you’ve never had a bank account of your own? 
  • Maybe you’ve had an account with a local, regional, or national bank and had a bad experience? 
  • Maybe you’re at a transition point where financial change is on your mind (i.e. graduating college, getting married, having a child, planning for retirement)?
  • Or maybe it’s something else? 

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Tips for Buying & Financing an RV in Charleston

Buying an RV Recreational Vehicle

It’s been a year since Coronavirus turned our lives upside down and ruined most of our spring, summer, and eventually winter travel plans. From missed reunions, weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthdays, family holidays, and just getting away, 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic put its stamp on just about all of our lives.

 That’s why so many people are turning to recreational vehicles, otherwise known as RVs, in 2021 to get away and ensure they can do so while social distancing and staying safe. In fact, RV dealers are reporting record lows in inventory heading into this spring.

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Setting (Attainable) Financial Goals & Sticking to Them

Financial Goals | Setting Financial Goals

Regardless of where you are in life, you should have a set of financial goals. This list should include both short term and long-term financial goals. By setting attainable goals, following through on them, and following your progress are the keys to financial success. By following these simple steps below, you will identify your financial goals and put yourself in the best position to achieve all of them.

Setting goals greatly increases your likelihood of success. A recent study by Northwestern Mutual shows that since the start of the COVIDS-19 pandemic only 35% of Americans rated themselves as “Financially Secure”, and a whopping 20% rated themselves as “not financially secure”!

If you are like most people, you may not know where to even begin the goal-setting process. The goal-setting process can seem daunting at first, especially in today's busy, stressful modern life, but this guide will help you start your journey towards financial freedom. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as you begin to think about planning and committing to your financial goals and balancing your budget to actually accomplish them.

It is important that you get in the habit of setting financial goals. Invest the time now to determine what goals you want to achieve in the coming year. Here are five tips for creating financial goals you should consider using for yourself to get your finances on the right track.

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