Setting (Attainable) Financial Goals & Sticking to Them

Financial Goals | Setting Financial Goals

Regardless of where you are in life, you should have a set of financial goals. This list should include both short term and long-term financial goals. By setting attainable goals, following through on them, and following your progress are the keys to financial success. By following these simple steps below, you will identify your financial goals and put yourself in the best position to achieve all of them.

Setting goals greatly increases your likelihood of success. A recent study by Northwestern Mutual shows that since the start of the COVIDS-19 pandemic only 35% of Americans rated themselves as “Financially Secure”, and a whopping 20% rated themselves as “not financially secure”!

If you are like most people, you may not know where to even begin the goal-setting process. The goal-setting process can seem daunting at first, especially in today's busy, stressful modern life, but this guide will help you start your journey towards financial freedom. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as you begin to think about planning and committing to your financial goals and balancing your budget to actually accomplish them.

It is important that you get in the habit of setting financial goals. Invest the time now to determine what goals you want to achieve in the coming year. Here are five tips for creating financial goals you should consider using for yourself to get your finances on the right track.

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The Best Uses for A Personal Loan

Best Use for Personal Loan

Not sure if you need a personal loan? When you're faced with a large purchase or an unexpected financial burden, personal loans might be the perfect solution to get you the funds you need quickly and easily.

A personal loan is basically just a signature loan, which means that your home or other collateral isn't necessary to secure it. A fixed-term personal loan is typically used to finance anything you like and requires only a small monthly payment. Loans like these are convenient and offer fast approval.

If you are struggling with high-interest loan payments and credit card debt, need to make a large purchase soon, or are experiencing an unexpected emergency, a personal loan could be your best solution. Let's take a look at how a prime personal loan can help.

Here are a few ideal uses for personal loans:

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How A Small Emergency Fund Can Help You Avoid Long-Term Financial Hardship

Managing your budget can be difficult and stressful, especially when unforeseen emergencies arise. Most of us have experienced some type of unexpected financial situation – from unforeseen medical expenses to sudden drops in income, these setbacks can spell financial ruin. Life happens fast and unexpected expenses are inevitable. Fortunately, there is a way you can prepare for unexpected financial emergencies.  By building a small emergency fund, you can avoid long-term financial hardship.

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8 Essential Money Management Tips for New College Grads

After four (or more) years of hard work, caffeine-fueled study nights that turned into mornings and more ramen dinners than you can count, you’ve graduated and are ready for the “real world.” But are you really prepared to start off on the right financial foot?

While the prospect of making the most money you ever have is exciting after living on a budget,

establishing smart financial behaviors should be your number one priority. How you manage your money now will either benefit or haunt you in the future. Setting the groundwork to build a solid financial foundation will help you successfully transition from college graduate to full-time professional.

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Financial Planning During Difficult Times

Some tips and resources from Latitude 32 Credit Union to assist during these uncertain times.

There is no doubt about it, 2020 has taken us all by surprise. Our financial present and our financial futures’ have all been turned upside down by the covid-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdowns, and ensuing financial hardships that have followed.

Our everyday lives have changed drastically and for many, so have their finances.

That’s why it’s completely understandable to be concerned about your financial future in these uncertain times. None of us have ever experienced something quite like this before, and there are still plenty of unknowns to add into the equation, making financial planning even more difficult.

That’s why our team at Latitude 32 Credit Union wanted to illustrate the resources available to you through your membership.

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