Maximize Your Spending With Our New Visa Rewards Card

Maximize Your Spending With Our New Visa Rewards Card 

Latitude 32 Credit Union is excited to share that we are offering a new rewards card providing benefits for qualified members, at a fixed rate! That’s right, you can get the best of both worlds, a low fixed rate card that also allows you to earn reward points in your everyday life like at the gas pump, your favorite stores, and subscriptions that help you unwind.

Maximize your spending by redeeming your earned points with a variety of choices that best fit you and your lifestyle. By joining our Visa Rewards Card, ScoreCard, you will receive the benefits of a low fixed rate, while simultaneously earning every time you spend. Here’s how you can get the most out of your spending:

  • Use to your advantage. Once your account is created, you can view your reward balance, search and view all available redemption options and more for easy tracking of spending and rewards.
  • Know your options. Find favor in knowing the available redemption options. Options can be found on Know where you can earn points and bonus points in multiple areas such as home, travel, electronics, recreation, and gift cards. Find brands for the whole family including Apple, FitBit, LEGO, Pandora, and YETI!
  • Pump and Save. Pump and save by earning rewards on fuel at participating gas stations. By using your ScoreCard at the beginning of your transaction, save $0.50 per gallon up to 20 gallons. Fuel points can be redeemed for merchandise and travel.
  • Default Payment. Make your ScoreCard your default payment method on your preferred payment method such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay or easy access to your card to ensure you are earning the maximum points you can.
  • PayPal. Use ScoreCard Rewards points when shopping online with PayPal! ScoreCard Rewards has partnered with PayPal to bring you more. 
  • Householding. Combine your rewards points from multiple card accounts into one earnings pool.
  • Stay attentive. Stay attentive to your spending. Like with any credit, remember to spend only what you can pay off. Avoid debt and interest charges by paying off your card balance in full each month. Be diligent with your rewards card by using the website to keep track of monthly spendings.

Now that I’ve earned points and maximized my spending, how do I cash out? 

Once you’ve earned, redeem your points and reward yourself! Points are redeemable in a wide variety of options to fit your lifestyle. Redeem with Subscription Cards for services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple Music and more! Choose from 1.2 Million charities to use points for a charitable donation, redeem gift cards at for full or fractional shares of any publicly traded stock, and use bonus points for events like sports and concerts. Redeem with travel and save on air, hotel, car, cruises, and TSA pre-check. Redemption choices are catered to you, the consumer, to fit your lifestyle and desires.

Use your card. Reward yourself! Contact Latitude 32 Credit Union today to learn more and apply.